AAPVT Holds Family Forums on COVID-19 Vaccine for Adolescents

The goal of these forums is to provide factual information on the COVID-19 vaccine in adolescents and have a conversation with families. 

Pediatricians and Family Physicians are privileged to be a trusted source of information around vaccination and the COVID-19 vaccine is no different. Protecting children and adolescents from vaccine-preventable illnesses is a top priority for primary care practitioners and they are ready to counsel families on this important decision.

Recordings of Previously held Forums (click to view recording)
Burlington (Leah Costello, M.D. & Elizabeth Hunt, M.D.)
Middlebury (Monica Benjamin, APRN)
Central Vermont (Anna Hankins, M.D., Carolyn Lorenz Greenberg, M.D., Ashley Miller, M.D.)
Brattleboro (Kristan Outwater, M.D. & Valerie Rooney, M.D.)
Newport (Alex Bannach, M.D. & Sarah McAuliff, M.D.)
St. Johnsbury (Josh Kantrowitz, M.D. & Kim Johnson, D.O.)
Bennington (Judy Orton, M.D.)
St. Albans (Tracy Tyson, M.D. & Michelle Shepard, M.D.)
Morrisville (Steve Soriano, M.D. & Katie Marvin, M.D.)
Rutland (Elliot Rubin, M.D.)
Springfield (Sarah Weidhaas, M.D. & Kristin Morgan, APRN)
Hartford/White River (Jill Blumberg, M.D.)
Burlington #2 (Michelle Dorwart, M.D. & Stan Weinberger, M.D.)


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