AAPVT statement on Gov. Scott's veto of marijuana legalization

MAY 21, 2017

The American Academy of Pediatrics Vermont Chapter (AAPVT) applauds Gov. Phil Scott’s decision to veto legislation legalizing marijuana in Vermont.  

As numerous health experts testified throughout the legislative session, legalizing recreational marijuana would have created substantial risks to the health and development of Vermont’s children and adolescents, and normalized use of the drug in ways that had great potential to increase youth use rates.  

As marijuana is not the harmless substance that some special-interest groups suggest it is, Vermont’s pediatricians ask Gov. Scott to steadfastly oppose any forthcoming special-session legislation that would cause harm to Vermont’s children and adolescents.  

The AAPVT thanks Gov. Scott for his thoughtfulness on this issue and his commitment to the health and safety of Vermonters. 



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